SSC combines dedication, clear communication, ethical business practices and plain old common sense to deliver the best quality and value in today’s building industry. We make promises we can keep, and by focusing on the client relationship, deliver a truly positive experience.

Down Arrow

Our management team is experienced and proactive, enabling us to offer our clients a seamless and efficient building process. Every project has a dedicated manager leading from concept to completion. Entrusted with the task of design collaboration and team building, each manager also provides planning, budgeting and value engineering while offering great attention to detail.


Behind every project is a team of skilled architects, designers and craftsmen. We value our relationships with our trusted partners and excel at managing the collaborative process among stakeholders. Working together, we make visions become reality.


We’ve seen it all — the up and downs of the housing market, the rise and fall of construction-related businesses and the evolution of our Valley’s unique building processes. Years of experience and insight have inspired creative and practical problem solving. Our experience, coupled with a large, devoted network of subcontractors and suppliers guarantees the best pricing, timing and craftsmanship available. Our many repeat clients and referrals are a proven testament.

A client list and references are available upon request.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the buisiness while cultivating professional, working relationships with renowned architects, interior designers and landscape architects.


BG Architecture & Design – Aspen, CO
Bill Poss and Associates – Aspen, CO
Bryan May Architecture – Aspen, CO
Building Seed – Carbondale, CO
CCY Architects – Basalt, CO
Charles Cunniffe Architects – Aspen, CO
David Johnston Architects – Aspen, CO
Finholm Architects, Inc. – Aspen, CO
Gretchen Greenwood & Assoc. – Aspen, CO
Hubert DeGivenchy – Paris, France
Jamie McLeod Brewster – Aspen, CO
Kim Raymond Architects – Aspen, CO
Leon Burry Trice – OK
Michael Mahaffey & Associates – OK
Peter Marino & Assoc. Architects – NY
Rowland & Broughton Architects – Aspen, CO
S2 Architects. Aspen, CO
Scot Broughton Architects – Basalt, CO
Sophie Harvey Architects – Aspen, CO
Studio B – Aspen, CO
Thunderbowl Architects – Aspen, CO
Walker Warner Architects – CA
William Nowysz & Associates – IA
Zone 4 – Aspen, CO

Interior Designers:

Cortney McDougal Interiors – Aspen, CO
Courtney Walker – TX
Dennis Rolland Inc. – NY
Dittmar Doremus - Aspen, CO
Douglas Durkin – CA, NY
EJI-Patterson – OR
Hendrix Allardyce – CA
Ingrao Inc. – NY
JanGeorge, Hamptons – NY
Jean Louis Raynaud & Kenyon Kramer – Paris, FR
Joe McGuire Design – Boulder, CO
Judy Longbrook Design Studios – OR
KA Designs – NY
Linda Niven Interiors – Aspen, CO
Marie Mansour – TX
Mark Hampton Inc. – NY
Myer Davis - NY
Natve DD – LA, NY
Nicole Hollis – CA
Patricia Gorman & Associates – PA
Terri Ricci, Norwalk – CT
Victoria Hagan Interiors – NY
Weiss & Wirth Interiors – CO
Zoe Murphy Compton Design – Aspen, CO

Landscape Architects:

Connect One – Carbondale, CO
Design Workshop – Aspen, CO
Elements Monique Spears – Aspen, CO
Land Design 39 – Carbondale, CO
Mount Daly – Carbondale, CO
Shannon Murphy — Basalt, CO